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Business Funding Without Debt!

Optimize your cash flow by selling accounts receivables, business or real estate notes or any other debt instrument. Collection services for clients. Medical receivables, consumer accounts, credit card debt. Real estate funding for residential and commercial. Over 70 funding sources ensures you the lowest discount in the industry!.

Scroll down to see how business funding works through the factoring process.

The Factoring Process.

Lets say you have an invoice for 100K which is due in 60 days but you need the money now! Submit it to us along with info about your business such as type (corp or proprietor?), avg. monthly volume, terms offered to customers, assets, liabilities and loans and Willow Enterprises will find the right funder for you!
Once you are approved you will receive a major portion of that invoice (typically 65-75%) right away. This is known as the advance, $75,000 in this example. Then when your customer pays us, we will send you the remainder of the invoice minus our fees (typically 8-12% which would be $13,000 at 12% in this example).
These fees (known as discount) depend on the size of the invoice, term (how long we have to wait to get paid) and credit history of your customer.
Be assured that Willow Enterprises will get you the most competitive discounts on the market. Gone are the days when factors took 25% or 30% discounts. For most invoices over $100,000 we charge between 8-12%. That's even better than a bank loan, especially when done on a long term basis. You get the money you need to grow your business without creating debt!
For an overview of all the types of services offered go to our Factoring Services page.
Or if you are ready to submit your information go to our Get Your Quote page.

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Credit Problems?

It doesn't have to be that way. We know you deserve a credit card and we have the solution! Even if you don't have any credit problems another card for that "rainy day" can never hurt.
Try the link below, they will search across all credit card companies and banks to get you one.
Credit Card Services: Guaranteed credit card for you!

Contact Information

Sohail Farooqui, RDB-President
Willow Enterprises
34 Wildwood Drive South
Prospect Hts., IL 60070
Phone: 847-609-6822

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